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What should be paid attention to when using diamond

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-26
Under normal circumstances, people often have the following major problems in the operation of diamond grinders, so Worksite summarizes here for you, hoping to help more people understand how to operate diamond grinders and during the operation of diamond grinders What matters need attention.    1. Side grinding: In the daily use of the grinder, it is also necessary to classify the grinder. However, in the daily use process, many operators arbitrarily use the side of the grinder to grind regardless of the type of grinder, which is a serious violation of safety operations. Illegal operation of the regulations. According to the regulations, the grinding wheel with the circumferential surface as the working surface should not be used for grinding. The radial strength of this grinding wheel is large, and the axial strength is very small. When the operator exerts too much force, it will cause the grinding wheel to break and even hurt people. This behavior should be prohibited during use.    2. Frontal operation:   In daily use, many operators are always accustomed to operating the grinding wheel, because it can be used in this direction, in fact, this behavior should be specifically prohibited in the operation of the grinding machine. According to the operating regulations, when grinding a workpiece with a grinder, the operator should stand on the side of the diamond wheel, and should not operate on the front of the wheel, otherwise the wheel may fly out or the wheel may break and hurt people when the wheel fails.    3. Forced operation:   In the use of grinders, some operators, especially young ones, apply excessive force to the grinding speed, which is an extremely unsafe operation. The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength. Doing so may cause the grinding wheel to break or even fly out to hurt people, which is also a prohibited behavior.
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