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What should I do if the chain saw cannot start?

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-20
The chain saw is the abbreviation of gasoline saw chain or gasoline power saw. What should I do if the chain saw cannot start when in use?    1. Remove the air filter and check whether the air filter is clean. 2. Check the oil circuit and circuit to see if the oil filter is blocked, whether the carburetor is pumping oil normally, and whether the spark plug has electricity. Remove the top of the spark plug and place it on the metal. Pull the machine to see if the spark plug has electricity of.    3. Remove the carburetor, then drip some oil into the cylinder, and start the machine a few times. If not, you must wash the carburetor or replace it, and finally check the cylinder.    In addition, I will teach you a way to maintain the machine. If you do not use the machine for a long time, you must get the oil out of the tank. Start the machine and burn the carburetor and cylinder oil to prevent the residual oil from clogging the carburetor. Usually clean the air filter, the lubricating oil must be used with better lubricating effect.
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