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What should I pay attention to when buying Worksite

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-01
The tile cutting blade is specially designed for cutting tiles. The teeth of a better ceramic tile cutting blade have diamonds. The stone saw blade is made of emery material and is used to cut concrete, bricks, cinder blocks and other stone materials.

The same type, the same brand, the same description, the same picture, but such a huge quotation, where is the difference... The original is very simple, because fakes will also use official pictures, so it seems to be standardized I bought it but found it has been fooled, so I try to look at the physical drawings as much as possible. Although the physical drawings of the Worksite power tools are not exquisitely made by the official drawings, the physical drawings can basically reflect the quality of a product.

   In a big bidding war, who is the beneficiary?

The quotations of the same brand and type of Worksite power tools are very different. The quotations of fake products are generally outrageously low, but inadvertently, many buyers will be deceived by the so-called licensed products. In the fierce competition in shopping malls, in order to win The advantage of lower quotation attracts customers. Generally, there is a situation of exchanging the accessories of the whole machine. Without changing the appearance of the machine, the internal original accessories (such as brushes, gears, switches, motors, etc.) are replaced with cheap ones. The quotation of an original accessory is generally tens of yuan, hundreds of yuan or even hundreds of yuan. Therefore, the fluctuation of commodity quotation has become a way for merchants to compete. However, the final beneficiary may not be you.
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