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Which Power Drill Should You Get ?

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-11
Plenty of people, even if they don't perform a great deal of wood working or construction work, need to have some sort of power drill. They're nearly indispensible for do-it-yourself home projects, as well as for many types of mechanical and maintenance tasks. When it comes to simple repairs around the house, or even hobby and craft projects, drills are the tool to have. In fact, many households have more than one power drill, often a corded one as well as a cordless power drill model for convenience doing certain types of tasks. Although cordless power drills are extremely portable and handy for a variety of tasks, they are limited by their battery time. However, their battery pack is rechargeable, by placing it in the recharger and plugging it into an electrical outlet. Many people like to have an extra battery pack on hand in case the battery runs out in the middle of a project. That way, one battery is always charging, even when you happen to be making use of the drill. Wireless drills are lighter and also user-friendly, and for the most part are designed for the same types of jobs and duties that one uses a corded power drill for. They come in a variety of voltage sizes, but if you want a good all-purpose cordless power drill that is equal to a standard corded drill, you want to choose one that is in the range of 18 volts. That's more than enough power for the most common tasks you'll use it for. Ensure you get a drill that has the option to reverse drive. This will enable you to remove bolts and screws with the tool as well as drive them in . When choosing a cordless power drill, you'll also want to pay attention to the type of motor. Make sure the drill you buy has a variable speed motor, because these allow you the versatility to vary your drilling speed. This really is significant, for the reason that not all materials could be completely drilled into should you just have a single drilling speed . Generally, these two features are included together, and you will hear the drill referred to as being a 'variable speed reversible' drill, and in fact, almost all modern power drill have this feature. Power drills have what is called a 'chuck', which is what the bits and attachments fit into. Just about the most common size chucks for home use is 3/8-inch, although some people prefer the smaller 1/4-inch or larger 1/2-inch chuck sizes. You can even get attachments for many power drills that give you sanding, buffing and cutting functionality. Some people prefer a corded drill (mostly because of not having to worry about battery life) even though cordless drills tend to be much more versatile. They are suitable for almost every task, and of course never run out of power. Not surprisingly, you will be limited by the length of the cord, so select one that has a lengthier power cord if you can, especially if the type of work you plan to use it for demands you to move around quite a bit . Of course, you can always use an extension cord if you have to, but if you do, always make sure to use it safely.
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