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Why does the high-pressure air pump have insufficient

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-05
High-pressure air pumps are widely used in many fields, but for precision instruments and high-pressure air pumps that involve knowledge of physical combinations, many customers and users are still confused about their principles. If problems occur, they may not know how to overhaul. The easy-to-operate high pressure is the technical advantage of the high-pressure air pump, but if the high-pressure air pump has insufficient pressure, what will be the cause? 1. The exhaust valve is not tightly sealed Not all high-pressure air pumps can achieve the same quality, and not all high-pressure air pumps are intimate high-pressure air pumps. It is also possible that some air leaks and loose seals are present. The valve plate of the exhaust valve of the high-pressure air pump is not tightly sealed, and the too soft or broken spring will cause insufficient pressure. The solution is to replace or repair the damaged parts. Second, the air pump screw is loose The high-pressure air pump is not a complete metal body, and is composed of countless parts. The cylinder head bolts of the high-pressure air pump are loose, the trachoma and the cylinder head gasket are washed out and leaking. If such a situation occurs, you need to find out the fault Cause it to be replaced or repaired. 3. Piston wear Excessive wear of the cylinder sleeve or piston and piston ring of the high-pressure air inflation pump is likely to cause air leakage, insufficient pressure, and even failure to work properly. The solution is to check whether the air compressor cylinder liner and piston ring are excessively worn. 4. Dirty clogging such as oil-water separator The oil-water separator, pipeline or air filter of the high-pressure air pump will be blocked due to excessive deposits due to long time or long use period. This will also cause poor operation of the high-pressure air pump.   The technical core and operation center of the high-pressure air pump are at high pressure. Insufficient high-pressure pressure will directly affect the quality of the product and the progress of the work. In the medical industry and the rescue site, insufficient pressure may cause event delays. Therefore, for the use of high-pressure air pump, not only to understand its basic principles, but also need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of high-pressure air pump.
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