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Worksite power tools-buying common sense

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-01
Precautions for purchasing and using Worksite electric tools

1. The power tools sold by Workite are: hand-held power tools (type II power tools). Need to supply 220v city electricity as power drive, do not connect to 380v industrial electricity, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine motor.

2. Safety protection should be the first priority during the use of electric tools. Safety protection includes: goggles, helmets, masks (gas masks), earplugs, gloves (wire gloves are not allowed for rotating items), protective clothing, insulated shoes, etc. And before using things, they should be familiar with the product description book or use them under the guidance of skilled workers. Unless otherwise stated, power tools require two-handed operation.

3. Hand-held power tools (type II power tools) have two layers of insulation maintenance, namely, base insulation and reinforced insulation, indicated by the word 'back'. During the working process, the power cord must be intact, otherwise there is a risk of leakage. Do not use in humid, underwater, flammable and explosive situations.

4. The marked power of Workite electric tools is input power.

5. The electric tool uses a series motor as the motor. The motor is composed of a rotor, a stator and a carbon brush. In the case of overload, it simply constitutes a motor burn.

6, Worksite rechargeable power tools are mainly divided into two types: nickel-cadmium battery charging tools and lithium ion battery charging tools. During this period, lithium-ion batteries have no recall effect, are compact, and have almost no benefits such as self-discharge. They are the trend of rechargeable things in the future.

7. Worksite measuring tools are divided into: rangefinder, wall detector, laser level, digital angle ruler, etc. Among the lasers, some use Class II safety lasers with a wavelength of 635 nanometers and a red color.
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