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Worksite power tools-introduction of electric circular saw

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-06
Electric circular saw

This series of products uses a single-phase series motor as a power tool to drive a circular saw blade through a transmission mechanism to perform sawing operations. It has the characteristics of safety and reliability, high work efficiency, and reasonable structure. It is suitable for sawing wood, fiberboard, plastic and flexible cables and similar materials.

Structural features

The electric circular saw uses a climbing-type appearance structure, which is mainly composed of a motor, a reduction box, a protective cover, an adjustment mechanism and a base plate, a handle, a switch, a non-reconnectable plug, and a circular saw blade.

The motor uses a single-phase series-excited motor, and is divided into a single-insulation electric circular saw (no additional insulation between the stator and the ground, also known as class I tools) and a double-insulated electric circular saw ( There are additional insulation between the stator, the rotor and the ground, also known as class II tools).

The adjustment mechanism is composed of an angle adjustment plate, a depth adjustment plate, a fastening nut and a bottom plate. Loosen the fastening nut to adjust the bottom plate up and down to the required cutting depth, and then tighten the nut. The angle adjustment is to loosen the angle adjusting screw wing nut on the front of the bottom plate, adjust to the required angle (0°~45°), and then tighten the nut.

protecting mask

The protective cover is composed of an electric protective cover (also called a lower protective cover) and a static protective cover (also called an upper protective cover) to protect the circular saw blade and avoid injury accidents during operation. The static guard is connected with the casing, and the movable guard rotates along the circular saw blade and automatically covers the saw blade by the pressure of the coil spring. The power cord adopts a double-core sheathed flexible cable, which is integrated with the double-post rubber plug to form a non-reconnectable plug.


Circular saw blades are working tools for electric circular saws. There are two types of longitudinal cutting and cross-cutting. A qualified circular saw blade with standard diameter should be used. Saw blades made of high-speed steel and deformed or cracked saw blades are not allowed.

Main attributes

1. Rated power

2. Cutting ability

3. Cutting blade diameter (saw blade length)

4. No-load speed
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