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Worksite power tools tell you the factors affecting

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-08
Worksite power tools are more and more widely used in life. Today, let us introduce the factors that influence the life of Worksite power tools:
  1. Excessive pressure is applied to the Worksite power tools during the use of the Worksite power tools.
  2. The use of passivated planers and blades for electric planers and planers does not meet the requirements, and the planing depth exceeds the Worksite electric tools before the adjustment (standard) plan.
  3.Due to improper use or storage, foreign objects fall into the cabinet and cause damage.
  4, the Worksite power tools are operated in a dusty environment for a long time, and the Worksite power tools are not protected in time, which constitutes damage.
  5. Change the rolling direction of the working head before the Worksite power tool is completely continuous.
  6. ??Put the engraving machine and electric circular saw Worksite power tools upside down on the workbench.
  7. When the electric Worksite power tool is operating at high speed, the brake device is used to force continuous rolling.
   8. Jig saws use unsuitable saw blades to process materials. There is no precise choice of path cutting method to cut the workpiece.
  9, electric hammers, electric hammer drills are written with excessive or non-genuine lubricating oil, poor use, passivated drill bits, and excessive pressure is applied to the Worksite power tools in operation.
  10. The cutting machine (marble machine) uses shoddy and passivated cutting pieces to excavate wire grooves and wall grooves, and vigorously push the Worksite power tools during processing.
  11. Angle grinders use a polishing sheet to cut the material or the cut sheet is used for polishing operations.
  12. The battery is often missing at the time of charging and discharging, often hitting the battery, and the charger power socket is poorly connected, which constitutes the battery damage.
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