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Worksite power tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-02
In order to stabilize the already occupied shopping malls and to further cultivate and open up new shopping malls, we will focus on the following aspects in the future: further advance product quality and speed up the development of new products. In particular, it is important to speed up the development of battery-based Worksite power tools and electronically controlled Worksite power tools, and improve the quality of Worksite power tools from time to time.

Production skills are being developed towards intensification, flexibility, automation, specialization, and production collaboration supporting networks. We should gradually shift from the import method of custom-brand production and neutral packaging to importing our own brand-name products. The OEM and neutral packaging production methods have indeed played a major role in the rapid expansion of my country's Worksite power tool imports, but this is not a long-term solution, because this method of operation cannot establish the image of our company and create its own famous brand. Some of the production companies can only be obscure processing plants, while the middlemen have made huge profits. In addition, OEM products generally hide the hidden dangers of trademark infringement. In order to promote a more healthy development of my country's Worksite power tool foreign trade market and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of my country's Worksite power tool profession, we must strive to create our own famous brand in product import and obtain due profits. Fully launch the Worksite power tool safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility certification, implement the Worksite power tool import license, and improve the quality and level of the Worksite power tools from time to time.

Pioneer new shopping mall

Further study and grasp the trading practices of European and American Worksite power tools, stabilize and continuously expand the market share of my country's Worksite power tools in Western Europe and North America, actively open up new markets and complete the diversification of markets, especially the key to open up African markets, Latin American markets and Eastern Europe. the mall.
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